New square based 1L Australian Army Water Bottle Review

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Designed and developed in Australia, the 1 Litre square based flask has been around for well over 30 years. Originally manufactured by Décor the bottle recently found a niche with Australian soldiers when they were produced in a Khaki colour.

Now, the original Décor bottle was great, cheap, light-weight and tough. But, the manufacturer was a huge pain in the arse, unreliable and had unrealistic ordering processes. The minimum order quantity went up to around 10,000 units and they were only making them once per year. On top of that, we saw some premature product failures that resulted from the harsh conditions of the field training environment and operational demands.

Along came another aspiring Australian company that decided to re-produce the 1L Décor bottle with a few enhancements. 

Moving away from Décor and their challenging commercial operations, we decided to take a look at this new model. Like everything we sell here at The Corps Shop, we put these through some rigorous testing to see how they stood up and if they were as good or better than the original. We call these the MK2 1L bottle and it has been redesigned and re-engineered offering a host of subtle improvements on the original flask:


Redesigned Cap: Improved grip interface for use with gloves, improved material for better impact resistance
Improved vessel: Thicker material with darker colour for improved durability and protection of water from UV light.
Redesigned interface: Improved screw thread for better sealing and more comfortable shape to drink from.

MK2 features a leakproof screw cap with a wide mouth for easy filling, even with ice cubes. The flask is clearly marked with graduated measurements moulded into the wall of the flask.  

A handy hint is to freeze a drink in the flask and include it in a lunch cooler, keeping the food chilled and crisp, and melting to a refreshing drink by lunchtime. Robust, simple and reliable these remain a popular choice with front-line operators as well as bush-walking, hiking and outdoors enthusiasts despite emergence of hydration bladder systems.

  • 2 flasks will fit side-by-side in issued F89 Minimi pouch or most other similar SAW ammo pouches
  • Made from flexible Food-Grade Polyethylene plastic
  • Rigid large thread screw-cap with moulded ridges for additional grip
  • Moulded volume markings in 200ml increments
  • Wide mouth for easy filling and insertion of ice, etc.
  • Heavy-duty design and robust materials
  • 100% recyclable material for end-of-service-life disposal
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Freezer safe
  • Food safe materials
  • Resistant to odours
  • Designed and developed in Australia
  • NSN: N/A


  • W: 83mm
  • D: 83mm
  • H: 205mm
  • Weight: 90g (empty)
  • Volume: 1L (33.8fl oz)