Princeton Tec Switch RGB

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For those requiring special light, the Switch RGB by Princeton Tec is feature-rich, extremely lightweight, and offers unmatched versatility.


The new Switch RGB is now equipped with two light options: IR + RGB or White + RGB Ultrabright LEDs, users can now determine which version best matches their specific needs.


The White+ RGB version starts in the users’ selected color LED, with low or high, and then the user presses and holds the button to get to the White LED. The RGB is a single LED, where users can program which colored LED light will default to when colored LED mode is selected.


The IR version starts in IR mode, and users press and hold to get into the color mode. There are two levels of intensity of IR light, and only one intensity level of the colored light (high).



















Designed to mount to various helmet rail systems, with the versatility of the MPLS mounting options, the Switch RGB MPLS can be secured to virtually any kit configuration. Princeton Tec Switch RGB MPLS Helmet Light come with the following mounts:

  • Helmet Side Mount
  • ARCs
  • MOLLE / PALS attachment mount
  • Picatinny mount
  • Above the Rail mount for ARCS and Team Wendy Rails
  • Hat / Cap brim clip mount
  • M-LOK®

































Smart and tough, the lights feature the flexi-neck design, allowing the user to direct light where it’s need, regardless of the angle of the point of origin. The flex boom and housing design feature an improved design to make the Switch RGB even more durable.


































With ease-of-use was kept top-of-mind, the white mode requires a two-second button press to be turned on to avoid accidental activation. Users can set and change the order in which the colored LED’s appear upon activation, for a truly customized performance.


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