Lifeventure Thermal Travel Mug


Livefenture Thermal Mugs, original & the best! The ever popular thermal drinking mug by Lifeventure has been a globally popular field product for decades. The powder coated, stainless steel non-spill drink mug is a standard EDC item for any soldier, airman, security guard or outdoor enthusiast.

Now Lifeventure raises the bar delivering an all-new premium keep-cup for your daily commute.

We call it the "Stealth Cup"... available in Black, Black or Black colour options, the mug features Matt Black lightly textured outer finish, matt black non-spill easy-clean cap, and a black silicone non-slip band.

Inside we find the seamless stainless lining and hidden from view is the vacuum insulated double-wall construction the made the original flask a modern classic.

  • Robust stainless steel vacuum insulated body,
  • Polypropylene cap with pop-up drinking spout,
  • Easy-clean design, no fiddly parts or mechanisms,
  • Powder coated in Black, non-reflective matte finish,
  • Silicone band for comfortable non-slip grip,
  • Food grade stainless steel,
  • Keeps drinks hot <2hrs and cold <4 hours,
  • Sleek water tight design for no-spill and no-leak travel,
  • BPA free materials,
  • NSN: n/a
  • Manufactured in PRC


8oz / 250ml model

  • Length:   120mm
  • Width:     90mm
  • Base Ø:  68mm
  • Volume:  227ml / 8oz nominal capacity
  • Weight:   200g

12oz / 350ml model

  • Length:   177mm
  • Width:     90mm
  • Base Ø:  68mm
  • Volume:  340ml / 12oz nominal capacity
  • Weight:   220g

So how does it actually work?
A vacuum flask is basically one flask inside another. The space between the walls has much of the air removed, which creates an empty space (or vacuum). The result of this is a dramatically decreased rate of heat transfer between the flask walls (in both directions), as there are fewer molecules available to move the heat from one wall to another (whether inwardly or outwardly). An additional feature is that the walls are silvered, or reflective; this further reduces the heat that is transferred by reflecting incident heat away from the flask wall again.


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