Back Country Cuisine - Instant Mixed Vegetables (GF)


Back Country Cuisine Meal Complements are a range of convenient, lightweight foods for the outdoor adventurer. Each meal complement can be used to extent Back Country Cuisine complete meals, or to create your own outdoor meal. Meal Complements by Back Country Cuisine use the finest ingredients and are processed to ensure quick, convenient preparation.

In the freeze drying process, crystals of frozen ice in the food are sublimed (evaporated) to water vapour in a vacuum chamber. The result is a completely dry product that does not shrink during the drying process. When prepared for eating, the water quickly gets into the pores left by the ice crystals to give a juicy, tender food product.

After packing, the food is heat-sealed in foil pouches from which all the air has been removed and replaced with nitrogen gas. This keeps the food safe and full of flavour for at least three years without the need for preservatives.

Back Country Cuisine meals are formulated to meet the high energy needs for the outdoor community. There is a careful balance of carbohydrates and sugars for instant energy, protein to replenish exhausted muscles and oils and fat to provide an energy store (oils and fats are kept within the recommended maximum of 30% of total energy)

Meal preparation doesn't get any easier than this. Just add boiling water! Back country Cuisine Food is great for long trips or lightweight adventures. See our exstensive range of Back Country Cuisine products here.


  • Pack Size: 21 x 15 x 5cm
  • Weight: 90g - 160g (net weight)

Ingredients and Allergen information:

Full list of up-to-date ingredients and allergen information

Back Country Cuisine takes pride in setting high standards of Quality and Food Hygiene. The company is licenced to the highest export standards and conducts regular testing on its products to ensure they meet strict standards. Learn more about Back Country Cuisine here on our blog.


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