SOURCE 3L Tactical Military Hydration Pack.


Supplied with WXP 3.0L MILSPEC Hydration Reservoir

The Tactical 3L Hydration Pack is one of the most popular hydration carriers in the Source Tactical line-up. It can be worn as a stand-alone hydration pack, attached directly to Armour Carriers or inserted into a larger field pack. Used by military units across the world, Source has built and maintained a reputation of excellence in the field of tactical hydration.

This low-profile hydration carrier pack is designed to fit the WXP 3L or 2L reservoir (included) and features integrated closed cell foam insulation. This is the perfect pack for shorter missions and patrols. It can be worn as a stand-alone backpack or, with the harness stowed, it can be attached directly to a MOLLE platform without the requirement for additional straps or buckles.

Designed with end-user requirements in mind, the robust construction features MILSPEC American Made Duraflex™ hardware and Cordura™ shell fabric. Premium MILSPEC sewing and materials make this a product you can rely on.


  • Manufactured from 500D Cordura™ nylon fabric
  • Dual function: can be worn backpack style or quickly converted for direct armour attachment or backpack insertion
  • External fill port with integral refill handle for fast and easy refill on-the-move without spilling
  • Closed cell insulation keeps water cooler longer
  • Adjustable sternum strap for enhanced stability
  • Elastic secured loops keep loose strap-ends from dangling
  • Dual Function: Backpack/Gear mounted modes - quick release shoulder straps folded into back pocket to load into large pack or mount on gear
  • QCA System connects instantly to vests and packs with no additional straps or hardware required
  • Drain eyelet drains condensation in the insulated reservoir sleeve
  • Zippered top opening allows quick and easy access to the reservoir for cleaning, draining or replacement
  • Vertical zipper provides quick access to the tube/bladder connector for installation of personal filtration systems
  • BPA & PVC FREE hydration reservoir
  • MILSPEC D-Flex plastic hardware and buckles (manufactured in USA)


  • W: 210mm
  • H: 440mm
  • D: 38mm
  • Weight: 0.53Kg (dry)
  • Volume: 3.0L
  • Hose Length: 940mm
  • Valve: Storm Push Valve with dust cover




    SOURCE’s unique Hydration Reservoir Technology represents a quantum leap in hydration systems, providing clean, healthy, easily accessible solutions for people on the move. Here’s the technology and innovations that make our unique hydration systems the better bladder.

    Widepac Closure (U.S Patent No. 7,648,276,B2): The original user-friendly Widepac™ Slide Closure opens wide, allows easy filling, cleaning, draining, and ice insertion. Airtight seal. Most SOURCE Hydration Systems and Hydration Packs feature reservoirs with our signature Widepac Closure.

    GrungeGuard™ Technology: Our GrungeGuard™-Technology inhibits bacteria growth on the reservoir and drinking tube for the life of the system. Technology utilizes FDA-approved and EPA-registered anti-microbial agent.

    Glass-Like™: SOURCE’s Glass-Like™ Film is 2000% smoother than standard TPU films, with virtually no difference from glass itself. This multi-layer Polyethylene film, manufactured in accordance with SOURCE’s Glass-Like™ technology, prevents bio-film build up, making the system virtually self-cleaning.

    Easy Care & Low Maintenance: Glass-Like™ technology combined with Grunge-Guard™ technology represents a new generation in hydration systems, in which cleaning is no longer an issue! Simply refill with water and drink again and again without special care. Water will remain fresh for days and even weeks.

    Taste-Free™: Co-extruded PE film retains pure liquid taste with no plastic flavour. BPA and Phthalate free. As you will see below the synergy of the Glass-Like™ plastic film and Grunge-Guard™ gives you the assurance that your drinking water stays fresh, odour and taste-free for days, even weeks.

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