The SYNC21  is equipped with an asymmetrical single arm bracket, easily accessible battery door enclosure, and large rotating switch. Combine these features with a simple & lightweight design and you have a headlamp built to perform in any environment.

The Sync’s claim to fame is Simplicity.

Intuitively cycle through modes using the large dial on the side and skip button pressing sequences – a must for tasks where you need to control modes on the fly, like running, and places where thick gloves are a must. With a lockout function and the ability to access red light without cycling through white modes is great when night vision concealment are a priority.

The Sync’s max mode, Dual Beam, a combination of spot and flood; supplies a long throw of concentrated light and a smooth wide beam to illuminate the area around you. Extremely lightweight and compact, the SYNC21 Tactical offers 300 lumens with multiple modes and beam patterns.

Designed for professional use, the SYNC 21 Tactical is rated to international standard IPX4 for protection against dust & water.

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  • Designed & developed in USA by Princeton Tec
  • Rugged & durable housing made from impact resistant matte finish polymer
  • Single strap fits easily over caps and lets you read / work in comfort
  • 7-mode rotating switch easily located and operated, even with gloves
  • Access red light without cycling through white modes
  • Pivoting headlamp lets you point the beam where you prefer
  • Beam distance adjustable out to 46m
  • Light output 300lm (max power)
  • <130 hours continuous run-time (Red LED, low power)
  • IPX4 rating for dust & water protection
  • Operates on any AAA batteries
  • Low cost operation with standard Alkaline AAA Batteries
  • Heavy-duty elastic headband included
  • International manufacturer 10 Year Warranty
  • Duracell® AAA batteries (x3 included)
  • Manufactured in USA by Princeton Tec
  • NSN: n/a


  • Weight: 83g (with batteries)
  • LED Types:
    • White MaxBright LED with Spot
    • White MaxBright LED with Flood
    • Red UltraBright LED

Ultrabright LEDs: The highest quality LED available, the Ultrabright LED is bright and efficient. The smooth, white, wide-beam light emitted by Ultrabright LEDs is ideal for close to mid-range tasks. Ultrabright LEDs are usually grouped together to offer a more powerful light source. Advances currently underway will continue to improve the efficiency and brightness of Ultrabright LEDs.

Focused Wide Beams: This beam pattern is an excellent choice for multipurpose activities. At close range, focused wide beams simulate normal daylight conditions and allow you to take advantage of your peripheral vision.

MAXBRIGHT LED: The highest quality LED available from Lumileds, Princeton Tec’s Maxbright LED is extremely bright and efficient. This single LED emits a smooth, powerful, white light useful for a wide range of tasks. Princeton Tec uses collimators or reflectors with the Maxbright LED depending upon the application.

Used by Special Forces, Law Enforcement, Security, Military operators, Emergency Services, hunters & outdoors enthusiasts from around the globe, Princeton Tec® Flashlights are battle tested and proven time and time again.

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